RouterHosting: Providing Reliable Forex Virtual Private Servers at the Cheapest Cost

RouterHosting is a hosting service supplier with 15 different data centers around the globe, more than 12 years of experience, and over 12000 customers which intends to make website hosting services convenient, guarded, and economical by providing virtual private servers (VPS’s) to their customers.


RouterHosting, the global hosting provider, came into the scene in 2008. Their mission was to provide cost-effective, reliable, and expert hosting services to a growing market of consumers. Through the 12 plus years, RouterHosting has been able to provide the best cheap forex vps server to over 12000 customers around the world with a 99.99 percent reliability rate with twenty-four-seven customer support.


RouterHosting saw the potential in the new electronic forex trading and the need for reliable and cheap virtual private servers to make foreign exchange trade convenient and profitable. Thus, to meet consumer needs and demand, RouterHosting distributes virtual private servers and cloud servers.


Virtual private servers help aid forex trading, making it faster, easier and safer. Virtual private servers are virtual machines that perform the actions of a server online. This virtual machine is available and online day and night, twenty-four seven. Using virtual private servers for forex trading allows traders to be virtually nearest to the broker, this helps in cutting down buying and selling time which if not cut down could result in monetary loss.


RouterHosting has fused an automated system that is now able to fully automate its services and tasks. Customers benefit from this automation as it creates a secure and reliable service with a reduced human error possibility. Automation also has decreased the need for customer service and reduced the level of human interaction making the process smoother.


RouterHosting’s effectiveness as a hosting service provider comes from the scale of benefits attached to the purchase of their products. Forex virtual private servers are used in trading to make the brokers accessible by virtually being nearest to them and cut down any time that would be lost. The wide selection of data centers across the globe allows RouterHosting users to choose from 11 different locations in the United States to Frankfurt and London in Europe and even Singapore in Asia, with two more locations coming soon in Canada and France.


RouterHosting also provides an option between the versatile Linux and Windows operating systems. Their forex virtual private services come in different sets and specifics of memory, bandwidth, storage connection with cheap, affordable prices for newbie traders in the Economy selection. The Premium selection offers cost-effective rates with more quality services. Their plans are easy on the pocket and come with a seven-day money-back guarantee if users are not pleased with the service.


RouterHosting’s virtual private servers use an SSD storage system with the configuration of RAID 10. This allows for the disk scanning and inscribing duration to be faster in speed compared to the HDD. The usage of SSD storage also allows for a reduced risk of losing important data. RouterHosting’s virtual private servers are also secure and safe to use due to the dedicated containers on the nodes of the data. These protect your data from being shared with any neighboring parties.


RouterHosting provides twenty-four-seven customer services and support on a helpline number +1-332-600-4050 available from 10 AM – 4 PM GMT on weekdays from Monday to Friday and also an online contact form on their website to reach their sales department directly. Through their contact support line, if needed, any personalized or specialized server packages can also be made for your trader needs.

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