My Tutor Source (MTS) Committed to Providing Global Employment Opportunities for Teachers During COVID-19

My Tutor Source (MTS), a leading online education provider, is, and will continue to be, an employer for all qualified teachers looking for work. In the unprecedented times brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, teachers have greatly struggled, with over 600,000 educational sector jobs being laid off in the U.S. alone. Teachers are an essential part of the MTS family. Curricula currently offered by MTS include GCSE, A-Levels, High School, IB, ICSE, and CBSE, with all subjects required in these curricula being taught. Outside of the most popular curricula, MTS also offers exam preparation courses for exams such as SAT, TOEFL, GRE, and IELTS. With the mission of providing all these types of education, MTS recognizes the importance of its teachers, and remains committed to being an employer that teachers dream of working for. As teachers have struggled greatly to find consistent employment during the COVID-19 pandemic, MTS has renewed its commitment to being a place where teachers love to work.

Teaching is a profession that is always impacted greatly by recession. During the 2008 recession, the US lost over 120,000 teaching jobs, with a further 275,000 saved only by government intervention. Public school teacher numbers have still not recovered, with fewer public school teachers employed in 2019, than were employed pre-recession. This trend has continued during the economic recession brought about by the pandemic, with school teachers in both the private and public schools experiencing layoffs in large numbers. Using the US as an example again, over 30% of the private education workforce was laid off in 2020. While public sector data does not show a great increase in layoffs, this can be misleading, as instead of laying off staff, public school districts instead implemented hiring freezes, and chose not to rehire staff who were considered of lesser importance. These issues are not limited to the US alone, with teacher recruitment in the UAE dropping by 60% in April 2020. The local government in Sharjah has had to step in, penalizing schools who were found forcing employees to go on unpaid leave, or to reduce their salaries. A survey of 240 kindergarten and nursery schools in Hong Kong revealed that more than 70% had either laid off staff during the pandemic, or were planning to do so in the near future. The teachers union in Hong Kong has also clashed with the government on the requirements for schools to reopen.

However, schools are not entirely at blame here. A recession means fewer people being able to afford education, leading to lower enrolment numbers, which in turn leads to a loss of revenue for schools. Simply put, many traditional schools simply cannot afford to hire new staff, and rehire old staff. Ultimately, the only way traditional brick and mortar schools will be able to resume hiring at pre-pandemic levels is if enrolment numbers also rise to pre-pandemic levels. With the nature of the pandemic making it dangerous for places like schools to operate at maximum capacity, it is unlikely that enrolment numbers will be rising greatly anytime soon, at least not until a vaccine is more readily available. Even if the pandemic were to end, the recession will have left many in precarious financial positions, unable to continue their children’s, or their own, education at a traditional school. This discussion illustrates just how difficult it will be for teachers at traditional brick and mortar schools to regain their jobs, even after the pandemic ends.

This is where online learning platforms like MTS step in. MTS has been operating as an online learning platform since 2017. With four years of experience, everyone at MTS is now an expert in the field of online education, allowing the company to continue operating profitably, even during the pandemic. The safe nature of online learning, as opposed to traditional learning during a pandemic, means that enrollment numbers for online platforms have not suffered. Online learning is also far cheaper, with MTS in particular offering discounts of up to 30%, meaning parents affected by the recession will not struggle to afford MTS’ services. Furthermore, MTS is committed to finding the best possible teachers. The search for the best teachers has not been limited geographically as MTS is hiring teachers from all around the world and the company’s database now has around 3500 experienced tutors’ profiles. Not only does this provide a much larger pool of potential teachers, it also allows for the hiring of native speakers for language courses. Therefore, due to it being an online platform, MTS’s enrollment and student figures have not suffered during the pandemic, meaning there has been no restriction on the hiring of teachers. With the company looking to continue expanding, and with its commitment towards being the best possible workplace for teachers, MTS will continue to provide teachers worldwide with employment opportunities for the foreseeable future.

About MTS

My Tutor Source (MTS) is a private tutoring platform, offering only the highest quality private tuition, at affordable prices. By selecting tutors through a comprehensive and rigorous interview process, MTS ensures only the best educators are hired. MTS has been operating in the online tutoring industry since 2017, with both teachers and administrators at the company now very experienced in the online learning process.



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