Lombardi takes over as head of the G20 Technical Unit

The announcement of the national Government was brief. Two paragraphs in a newsletter to announce that from September 30, Hernán Lombardi will coordinate the G20 Technical Unit in the Cabinet Office.

Natalia Zang was in charge of the Unit, who reportedly decided to leave office “for personal reasons” although “she will remain involved in the project as an adviser until the end of the G20 2018 Argentine Presidency.”

For its part, Lombardi will also continue to head the Federal System of Public Media and Content (Public TV, Telam, CCK, Tecnópolis, Contar, National Radio, among other state media) which, since the new restructuring, has been reconverted into the Government Secretariat and it was in the area of the National Cabinet Office.

Mauricio Macri chairs the G20 since the end of last year when Argentina assumed that role for the first time in history. Throughout this year, technical meetings are held prior to the arrival of the presidents of the countries that make up the Group, including the United States, China, France and Germany.

Conrad Evans

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