Rickless driver has been arrested in the State of Texas

A driver has been arrested in the State of Texas after a movie chase in which the woman changes roads through medians and unpaved ditches, circulates in the opposite direction and performs all kinds of dangerous maneuvers at the wheel at a speed of 120 kilometers per hour.

His flight, in which he recklessly dodges other vehicles and skips traffic lights in red, ends after a heavy crash. After the impact, the woman gets out of the car, opens one of the back doors and pulls a baby out of a carrycot. Then begins a chase on foot in traffic. The agents manage to catch the infringing one after this one approached another vehicle and was introduced inside.

While the police place the handcuffs on the woman and take care of the baby, the driver who had been assaulted runs out of a vehicle to save a minor who was traveling in the back seat.

The sequence can be seen in a video recorded from a police helicopter. The persecution began when the agents tried to stop the driver and she fled. According to ABC News, the woman has been identified as Catilyn Rodriguez, 29 years old.

Rodriguez was charged with a crime of evading justice, possession of prohibited substances and putting the baby’s life at risk, according to Fox News . The minor did not suffer any harm and was placed under the protection of child protection services.

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