Report Show Better Health care can save many Lives

KoIn Spain or the United States, any woman is going to give birth to a hospital, where there is the possibility of solving problems such as an infection. In countries with more mortality, they act differently, most mothers give birth in small clinics and They hope that if there is any setback, it will be time for them to arrive at a hospital, something that obviously does not happen.We have to stop assuming that any clinic can do anything and have real expectations, such as going directly to the hospital and not when the woman is already bleeding, “says Kruk.

The research shows examples of successful models such as Rwanda, which in less than 20 years has gone from a life expectancy of 48 years, to 67. In that African country, as in Thailand and Costa Rica, they have achieved improvements in survival mother-child thanks to the combination of improvements and expansion of the system. According to the former Rwandan Health Minister, Agnes Binagwaho, in one article, medical care in her country reaches 90% of the population, more than 90% of HIV patients follow a stable pharmacological regimen and 93% of Children are vaccinated against infectious diseases.

The Harvard expert points out two keys to improvement to reorient health objectives: “The training of professionals in many of these countries follows a backward model, they know how to do very good examinations, but not deal with patients. to evaluate the service and develop mechanisms so that users of the healthcare system can value it, they have a better diagnosis of what works and what does not “.

This change in trend has already been noticed by many experts, but this study confirms this with data. The consultant of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) Diego Ríos Zertuche raised this question : “In the field of health, it is easy to know if a community has a nearby and accessible center, whether it is open or closed, if it has enough medicines or if it is staffed by qualified personnel, but what is the use of an outpatient clinic equipped with the latest technologies if it does not provide quality health services? ”

Countries with more resources have a role in improving quality, as Kurk indicates: “We have to accompany developing countries in their process of implementing a quality system, not coming up with great ideas and quick solutions”.

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