Discomfort among businessmen for the ‘Uber’ of the tobacco companies

Each business appears its parallel at less cost. To the banks the payments for virtual purses and the taxis, their Uber. Now the complaint comes from the tobacco sector against companies that do not pay the so-called minimum tax. That’s what they talked about this week in several meetings while following the discussion in Congress on the 2019 Budget closely.

According to businessmen of the big tobacco companies, the so-called minimum tax grows and those who do not pay it allow them to charge less for their products. As of last March, said a man from the sector, when the tax reform began to take effect, companies such as Tabacalera Sarandí and a Cordovan woman filed precautionary measures to avoid the tax, which is updated by inflation to raise the price of cigarettes.

In June, the Court rejected the precautionary measure presented by Sarandí in the first instance, but the decision must be ratified by the Fourth Section of the Federal Administrative Contentious Chamber, which is headed by judges Marcelo Daniel Duffy, Jorge Eduardo Morán and Rogelio Wester Vicenti.

In the meantime those who do not pay advanced and achieved a 13% share of the market according to data from the Ministry of Agribusiness of the Nation, point out those who claim. Another entrepreneur pointed out one more fact, said that in terms of tax collection, the State stops receiving more than $ 3,000 million annually due to non-payment of this tax, an argument that in times of needs of the tight coffers of the State want to use either to pay less or for everyone to pay equally.

Conrad Evans

Conrad Evans is a seasoned journalist with nearly 10 years experience. While studying journalism at UCLA,  Conrad found a passion for finding engaging stories. As a contributor to Herald Keepers, Conrad mostly covers state and national developments.

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