Women’s from all over the world suffer from sexual harassment for decades

It is not easy for a woman to forget the incident of sexual harassment and its memories of the victims of this incident continue to last for decades.

According to one study, in the face of other tragic incidents and women experiencing incidents related to ups and downs in life, more and more deep memories of the incident were seen in victims of sexual violence, which was difficult for them to forget.

Professor Tracy Shores of Rutgers University of America said that to some extent it is not surprising that these memories belong to depression and anxiety because these women remember what happened and they think a lot about it.

In the study published in Magazine Frontiers in Neuroscience, Shores said that these feelings and thoughts are usually associated with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PtsD) whereas most of the women in our study who have experienced these vivid memories are not suffering from PTSD , Which are usually associated with more intense mental and physical reactions.

This study included 183 women of 18-39 age group women told that they are victims of sexual violence while 119 said that they have no history of sexual violence.

The memories of these incidents were completely in their jaws, and the memories of the incident were clearly seen in their minds of women who have a history of sexual violence.He told that it is difficult for him to forget the incident and they consider it to be an important part of his life.

Recent studies indicate that one in every five college girl students encounters sexual violence during their college days.

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