Demand of Death sentence for Five human rights activists in Saudi

Saudi Arabian prosecutor has demanded a death sentence for five human rights activists, including a woman, for performing anti-government protests. According to human rights organization Amnesty International, these people are well-known Shia activist Izra al Ghomgham.

She will be the first woman to face the death penalty for her work on human rights. These people are accused of provoking Shia Muslim minorities to protest against the oil-rich western province.

Amnesty International’s director of West Asia Samad Haedeed said, “Izra and four others are facing this potential punishment only to be involved in anti-government demonstrations.

We appeal that Saudi officials leave this plan immediately. ‘ Izra had done a big demonstration in eastern province in the beginning of 2011. She has also been arrested with her husband in December 2015.

Hadid said, “Fierce message will be sent to Yusra’s death sentence. In the same way, other human rights activists can also be targeted for their peaceful protests. ‘ According to Amnesty, 12 human rights activists, including eight women, have been arrested in Saudi in May this year.

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