At the age of 14, he is running for governor of Vermont

Video games, girls, social networks? At age 14, Ethan Sonneborn isn’t into the same things as his peers and is currently campaigning for the governorship of Vermont.

The teenager took advantage of a legal vacuum that does not set an age limit to run for the highest office in this small state in the far northeastern United States.

Only condition: to be settled in Vermont for at least four years, not an obstacle for Ethan who lives there since birth.

Facebook page, official website, Twitter account, fundraising, roadside signs, the Bristol resident, not far from the Canadian border, left nothing to chance.

His candidacy goes back several months, but Ethan has seen its notoriety soar in recent days as the Vermont Democratic primary, which is being held on Tuesday, approaches.

The teenager who loves costume and tie has already participated in early August in the debate of the Democratic primary with his competitors who are four or five times his age.

Among them, Christine Hallquist who would become, if successful, the first transgender governor in the history of the United States.

Ethan’s program is very left, close to that of the Vermont senator and former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

Universal health coverage, legislation prohibiting discrimination against persons from the LGBT community, carbon tax and raising the minimum wage are the main proposals of his program.

If he manages to pass the stage of primary, Ethan should still triumph on November 6 against the Republican governor Phil Scott, elected in 2016 and who represents himself.

“I think you should at least be able to get your driver’s license (16 years old) when you become governor,” said Scott at a news conference, saying it would be appropriate to set a legal age.

“2018 is the year when people of all socio-economic backgrounds, who do not have the profile of a typical politician, run for office,” said Ethan Sonneborn, “and I think I’m part of it” of this movement.

Ava Russel

Ava Russel is a reporter for Herald Keepers.  After graduating from UCLA, Ava got an internship at a local radio station and worked as a beat reporter and producer.  Ava has also worked as a columnist for the Times of San Diego. Ava covers economy and community events for Herald Keepers.

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