California Highway Patrol rescues pup from freeway

A California Highway Patrol Officer rescued a chihuahua from the busy interstate during rush hour Friday afternoon. The picture of the rescue had already been retweeted over 1,000 times by Monday.
Officer Alex Edmon spotted the young pup along the freeway and then decided to try to get her into his arms with the use of protein bar he had with him.

The pup was uninjured and taken to a shelter in Martinez, California, by county animal services personnel to try to locate its home or find a new owner.

No one was sure how the dog made its way onto the highway. The dog, who was dubbed ‘Freeway’ by the highway personnel had no identifying tags on him at the time of the rescue.

The episode has received so much attention that the local animal shelter has already received several offers to adopt “Freeway.” Interest in adopting other animals from the shelter has also risen as a result of people sharing the story on social media. The story has also received over 700 favorites as well.

An informational officer with the highway patrol said it is not unusual for unwanted animals to be left on the highway divider.

Briana Smith

Briana Smith n has lived in San Diego her whole life. Briana has worked as a journalist for nearly a decade having contributed to several large publications including the Yahoo News and The San Diego Union-Tribune. As a journalist for Herald Keepers, Briana covers national and international developments.

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