Fears About Yellowstone Volcano Eruption Dismissed

When a video was posted online recently, showing bison in Yellowstone Park hurriedly running down the roadway in fear, rumors soon spread that the animals’ sixth sense was alerting them to an imminent volcanic eruption in the park.

Officials at the park have had to deal with dozens of inquiries from park visitors and other concerned citizens, asking if the volcano which has long existed underground there was expected to spew lava into the air anytime soon. A park spokesperson has announced that the animals’ activity was merely spring friskiness rather than an ominous sign that a volcanic eruption was set to follow earthquake activity that recently shook California.

Many individuals still feel unsettled about the activity going on at one of America’s most popular natural resources. It didn’t help that an earthquake measured at 4.8 magnitude struck the northwest corner of Yellowstone last weekend. It was the largest amount of shaking to occur in the region for over 30 years. But a scientist working at the Yellowstone Volcano Observatory dismissed everyone’s fears as being unfounded, contending that the chance of a volcanic eruption happening during the lifetime of the park’s current visitors is extremely unlikely if not impossible.

Erica Bondersmith

Erica Bondersmith was born and raised in the Hollywood Hills.  As a journalist, Erica has contributed to many online publications including the USA Today and The San Diego Union-Tribune.  In regards to academics, Erica earned a degree in sociology from UCLA and an master’s degree from Temple University. Erica covers lifestyle and politics here at Herald Keepers.

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